There's an art to it...


EDGE Nightclub celebrates the art of nightlife. We celebrate authentic DJ culture, music and turntablism. We celebrate dancers and choreographers who produce stylish dance vignettes for our guests each weekend. We celebrate the art of great service. 

A recent redesign bucks the current trend in nightlife of “big room Vegas” with a dramatic, almost theatrical look, creating a more intimate nightlife experience. We believe a 1920s style meets 2020 tech in EDGE 2.0. A striking entryway welcomes you into our ultra-lounge and, just beyond, the main nightclub and dance floor. Welcome to EDGE.


The Style…

  • An old school theatre marquee, designed in-house, was created as a central art piece for the entrance.
  • Damask wallpaper was custom-made for EDGE.
    • Grey and purple cool tones make up the color scheme, with three progressions of the colors from lighter in the entryway to dark and dramatic in the main club.
  • 16 hand-assembled crystal chandeliers lead into the nightclub.
    • A vintage Peppermill chandelier hangs over the coat check.
  • Commissioned art pieces from local artists and photographers are featured throughout.


The Tech…

  • 440 square feet of LED panels
    • 7 million pixels
  • 3 new 13-watt RBG lasers that can turn into any color (stadium concerts typically use 10-watt lasers)
  • $150,000 new lighting system added to existing system
  • New Parasol Star 600 (Dynamic Rigging System) for visual effects
  • Revamped Liquid Nitrogen cannons
  • 12 new 55-inch Samsung 1080p flat screen TVs
  • New LED lighting
  • More than 68 moving lights